Baby Shark Birthday Cake, Baby Shark Cake Ideas, Chocolate Cake Shot Recipe **2021

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Baby shark birthday cake is a baby shark bite that has a baby shark attached to it. This cake is fun and unique for the baby shark party. The first time I saw this cake, I knew right then and there that it was going to be one of my big party cakes. But before you head out to buy your own cake or even make one you need to know a couple of baby shark birthday cake ideas so you can choose the best one for your baby shower or birthday party. One of the baby shark cake ideas that are very fun and unique is a chocolate cake with a baby shark on it. You can make this baby shark cake by simply using a baby scale, a cookie-cutter, chocolate chips, ice cream scoops, and a chocolate cake shot recipe. You will also need an edible image template or stencil to put the image on your cake. Then all you have to do is bake the cake and pour the chocolate into the pans. When the cakes are done they will look like baby sharks swimming along the edge of the chocolate cake.


Baby Shark Birthday Cake

Baby shark birthday cake blue food coloring to the pieces of the cake. To make the eyes of the baby shark, you will need to use white paint. Paint the eye jelly eyes onto the cake and then use clear pipe cleaners to create the hole in the top of the eye. Finally, paint the mouth of the shark with white paint and you have created one beautiful cake that people will love to eat.

If this baby shark birthday cake isn’t your favorite then you are going to have to give it away. Each year these cakes are given out at birthday parties. Now, if you are short on time or are unable or unwilling to buy a cake for your baby shark birthday cake then you are going to have to make your own! This is not as difficult as it sounds and with a few ingredients, some paint, and a few tips you will have a beautiful cake that even your child will enjoy eating.


Baby Shark Cake Ideas

Baby shark cake ideas another great baby shark cake idea is to make a birthday cake that makes use of an actual dead baby shark. You can find these through some internet searches. To make this cake you will need a square pan, a fork, a baby toothbrush, chocolate syrup, toothpaste, jelly beans, an ice cream scoop, raffia, chocolate chips, and chocolate hearts. Once you have gathered these items and once the pan is cool off place the baby shark image on the cake and use a small fork to make the first bite into the cake.

Baking a cake that has a deceased baby shark on it will not only be a unique cake but will also be very beautiful. It can be decorated in any way you would like. Use red and green frosting to make it look like the face of a baby shark. To put the icing on the cake using a large star tip toothpick. This will help to fill in any gaps in the frosting.

Once you have decorated the cake, it is time to add the finishing touches. To make the teeth of the baby shark, you will need to use black licorice. Wrap the licorice around the inside of the cake and use a toothpick to make baby shark cake ideas holes at various locations. Add these holes to the cake and then use your small star tip pointed tip toothpick to poke various holes into the cake.


Chocolate Cake Shot Recipe

Chocolate cake shot recipe if you are looking for a cake recipe for baby sharks then you can find it on the Internet. I would advise that you make a few changes to the recipe to make it a little more kid-friendly. You could use baby bibs instead of real bibs and cut up cooled blueberries to use as a desert. Blueberries are always a welcome sight on a chocolate cake shot recipe, especially when mixed with cream cheese. The taste will be so irresistible that even your child won’t be able to stop eating it.

This Chocolate Cake Is:

  • Extra moist
  • 2 layers, but can be made as 3 layers or as a sheet cake
  • Soft with a velvety crumb
  • Deeply flavorful
  • Unapologetically rich, just like my¬†flourless chocolate cake
  • Covered with creamy chocolate buttercream