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 Eggplant salad recipes are very popular all across the world. The reason behind its popularity is varied. Eggplant is considered a healthy food, as it contains a lot of nutrients like protein, iron, Vitamins A and E, iron, zinc, folate, etc. Eggplant salad calories these nutrients are extremely important and need to be included in your diet regularly. So these delicious eggplant salads can also keep you fit. Here are some Eggplant salad recipes that help you keep fit and healthy.


Eggplant Salad Recipes

Eggplant salad recipes let’s see the number of calories in these 3 recipes – the Roasted Eggplant salad recipes. Both the recipes have fewer calories than salad vegetables. The recipe with tomato and olive oil is extremely low in calories, while the one with tomatoes and lime juice has a higher number of calories. So it is obvious that you need to select one of the two recipes with more calories if you want to stay fit.

The other two Eggplant salad recipes are low in calories as well. This is because the ingredients in these salads are mostly raw and healthy. Raw vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower are used in these salads. You may not know it, but these salads also contain many vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C, which helps prevent cancer.

Onions and garlic play an important role in these roasted eggplants recipes. Eggplant salad recipes chopped finely and serve as a tasty dressing for the salad. Coriander leaves add a lot of flavor and vegetables can also be roasted and served along with tomatoes. So you don’t have to go for lemon and cheese either.


Eggplant Salad Calories

Eggplant salad calories one tablespoon of olive oil, one small onion, salt, and a quarter cup of chopped fresh baby corn to make this salad. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, mix them thoroughly and let it rest for ten minutes so that the flavors get properly blended. Then chop the onion finely and place it in a non-stick frying pan. Add some water or some olive oil to it and place your roasted eggplants on top of it. Cover it tightly with foil and let it cook for about twenty minutes until they are soft.

Then uncover it and cut the remaining onion into very thin slices. Sprinkle some salt over each slice and put some fresh baby corn on top. Switch off the oven and serve this salad with some breadsticks. Eggplant salad calories roasted eggplant salad will make any diner satisfied.

Apart from salads, baked eggplants are also used in many other dishes as well. Some popular dishes include pasta and grits. The key to the success lies in using quality olive oil and seasonings such as oregano, rosemary, garlic, etc. You can use the grocery shop gourmet sections to get good quality olive oil for cooking your baked eggplants or you can buy it from your nearest gourmet retailer.


Eggplant Salads

Eggplant salads you can make your own balsamic vinegar salad dressing by replacing the olive oil with vinegar. This makes a good dip for raw eggs. The vinegar dressing goes well with roasted eggplants and is best served with whole-grain crackers. The recipe can be doubled to make a delicious and nutritious baked eggplant meze which can be used for lunch or dinner.

Another delicious recipe for this salad is the spinach and artichoke quiche. You can use quality pasta and artichokes instead of tomatoes. You will need one cup of chopped spinach, one cup of chopped artichokes, one cup of chopped Roma tomatoes, three eggplants, one tablespoon of dried Oregano, and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Heat a large frying pan and add half of the chopped vegetables and the remaining chopped eggplant and artichokes. Cover for about 15 minutes.

In your quiche, you can add some artichoke mushrooms, chopped or ground parmesan cheese, chopped zucchini, chopped tomatoes, parsley, and a quarter cup of red wine or vinegar. Bring to a boil then let simmer for about five minutes. Eggplant salads, uncover, and carefully remove the quiche from the pan to prevent it from sticking. Then serve with the rest of the meal.

There are many other excellent recipes for this salad. You may want to try some of them to see what your favorite is. Eggplant is such a versatile vegetable that you can definitely find a delicious salad to use it in. This is a healthy and tasty salad idea that your whole family will love. Your health and your healthiness will appreciate it.