Pancake Boards With Decorating **2021

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Pancake boards, there’s no doubt about it, a pancake board is a new trend in the kitchen today. They look absolutely delicious and can’t be beaten for variety and taste. From plain ones with just a few decorations to those that are more elaborate with lots of different things on them, they’re definitely the style of thing to bring in this spring. Who wouldn’t want a pancake board in their favorite restaurant? Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate them into our springtime recipes.

Pancake Plates – Use pancake platters to load up your current menu with something quick and easy to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning. With fresh vegetables, a meaty salad, cheeses, and anything else you’d like, this is one plate that will never go out of style! You’ll find a pancake board recipe for almost any type of platter so that you can choose the ones you enjoy the most. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, simply take your favorite salsa and use it with a pancake recipe for a milder way to heat things.

Pancake Board Game

Maple Syrup – If you prefer a rich flavor, try adding some maple syrup to your pancake board recipes. Maple syrup is the perfect sweet compliment to platters full of fruit and blueberries. It also works well with spicy dips and stews as well as with ice cream and other desserts. There are so many uses for maple syrup!


Salsa – Another great pancake topping idea is to get creative with your salsa. If you have some fresh salsa at home, how about spicing it up with a homemade Guacamole? If Guacamole isn’t your thing, consider spiking your salsa with mild or medium-grade cheese, such as sharp cheddar or Colby. You can also get creative and make a pancake board with just spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, and any other type of green topping you might like.

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Almond Oil – If you are a bit more concerned about cholesterol, you might want to consider a pancake mix with almond oil instead of regular vegetable oil. The high-quality peanut and cashew oil used in these recipes stay put for a long time and don’t oxidize as regular vegetable oils do. You can cook with them every time. However, be prepared for them to get a little warm during the cooking process.


Toppings – When designing your serve and serving platter, you want to include only the best ingredients and produce. If you aren’t skilled at creating your own toppings, you can easily find pre-made ones at your local deli or supermarket. However, you don’t want the same stuff that they use at local restaurants. A plain pancake with tomato paste, for example, can be incredibly different than a fresh tomato slice with basil. Choose items wisely to add variety and appeal to your guests.

Pancake Boards Are The Newest Brunch Craze

Don’t forget – Your pancake board shouldn’t just be a place to set down delicious pancakes. It should also be a great conversation piece! Let your guests know that they will have their hands full after enjoying one of your delicious recipes that day. Use a pretty bowl and some decor to add some flair. Tiered scoops and fun little finger foods could be a good addition.


Also, serve up some fresh fruit to top up your delicious platter. Pairing dark chocolate chips with a fresh fruit salad is a delicious combination. You can also add fruit to your pancake toppings to enhance the flavor or cut a piece of dark chocolate for added appeal. Another great combination would be peanut butter and banana for a delectable breakfast treat. Whatever you decide, remember to place your pancake board on a table not just because you’re hosting a pancake party but because it’s a fun and tasty way to decorate your home for a family gathering.