Turkish Pizza Recipe Dough, Turkish Pizza Recipe Easy, Lahmacun Recipe Turkish **2021

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Turkish pizza recipe dough you have ever tried a lahmacun recipe before, then you know it is really tasty. This spicy dish was originally from the orient but has now spread all over the world. The ingredients for this tasty dish are black pepper, onions, garlic, Turkish pizza recipe easy tomato sauce, olive oil, salt, and some water or stock. It is prepared with eggs, sugar, and flour. Before cooking, you need to mix these ingredients and allow them to combine thoroughly by mixing all of these ingredients thoroughly.

When cooking the lahmacun recipe in Turkish style, you need to use medium heat so that your eggs don’t cook quickly. Cook the eggs according to the package instructions. Use a wire rack to keep your eggs in an airtight container. For the tomato sauce, you need to prepare the tomatoes. Cut the tomato in half and put it inside the sauce. You can add any other ingredients like herbs or garlic. The last step of preparing this tasty recipe is to form the dough. You can use your mixer to form the dough or you can use your hand. In the lahmacun recipe Turkish case you use your hand, you need to ensure that the dough doesn’t get too lumpy. After you complete the entire process, cut the tomato sauce and sprinkle a little olive oil on top of your creation.